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It gives your website visitors a pleasant experience that keeps them on your site longer. Make sure they are happy, increase their interest, and boost conversions by up to 300%.


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Let's Reduce the Effect of Blue Light!

Just try Darkify and see the differences with your own eyes. We assure you that Darkify will become the lifetime companion of your site.

Frontend Dark Mode

Make the front end (i.e. the view your website visitors see) dark and give your visitors a pleasant experience that will enable your visitors to stay longer on your website, increase engagement and skyrocket conversion. Happy times!

WP Admin Dark Mode

Switch your WordPress admin panel to dark mode so you can spend as long as you need in your dashboard without irritating your eyes. It's a simple one-click switch!

OS Aware Dark Mode

Modern operating systems now prioritize dark modes as their default theme. If your OS supports it, it will seamlessly switch to dark mode. How convenient is that?

Time Based Dark Mode

Easily schedule dark mode based on your preferences with Darkify. Benefit from the advanced time-based settings to effortlessly start and end dark mode on your website.

Customizable Switch

You deserve options, and we provide them for you. Don't limit yourself to just one or two switch styles—we've included several cool variations. Also for each switcher has lots of customisable options.

Color Presets with Customization

You can customize colors in Darkify. To create an eye-catching and appealing website, you can customize the color of your background, text, hover color, links, border color, input colors etc. as you desire.

Why darkmode?

According to data, 81.9% of people of smartphone users use dark mode. Another 82.7% of survey respondents claim to use dark mode with the OS. More data shows that 64.6% of people expect websites to apply dark mode automatically. The adoption rates for dark mode and are between 55% and 70% among Apple iOS users.

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